Ponderlake Publishing

Ponderlake Publishing is a small publishing company dedicated to helping writers publish quality work.

We work in our capacity as publishers

  • to nurture new writers
  • to help established writers
  • to assist in writing, editing, and formatting
  • to publish and promote quality writing
  • to facilitate and assist in the printing and distribution of writing
  • to promote writers, and
  • to build a canon of excellence published under the name of Ponderlake Publishing.

We will gladly help new writers or work with veteran writers.  

Our ultimate goal is to provide authors of well-written works a publishing venue outside of the big metropolitan firms.  As a result, since we wish to maintain a quality reputation, we will ultimately publish works that meet our high standards of content, style, and writing skill. We will gladly work with writers to reach that goal, but we will not automatically put the “Ponderlake” name on anything submitted.  

Writers need a place that will actually consider publishing their work.  Ponderlake Publishing wants to be that place for those who are mastering or have mastered their craft. 

Consider contacting us and submitting your writing.  We are open to new members of our authors’ family.  When an author is published by Ponderlake Publishing, that person will have a bio and presence on our site, that person’s books will be promoted on our site, and that person can use the Ponderlake name to add gravitas and credentials to his or her work.  

As of now, writings published through Ponderlake will be printed through the Createspace site of Amazon.com.  Readers will be able to purchase the authors’ books through Amazon. The authors will able to purchase copies their own books at discounted prices. We at Ponderlake Publishing can facilitate that process; we also reserve the right to purchase authors’ books to sell under the Ponderlake Publishing banner at book fairs, etc. We will discuss specific details of writing, designing, publishing, printing, distribution, and marketing with potential writers when they first discuss joining our publishing family. We will also discuss any and all publishing fees.  

If you are interested in discussing the prospect of joining our cadre of authors, please contact us at mrchriscollins@hotmail.com.